By registering to compete at London Warriors Cup Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship, you agree to the terms and conditions of participation and must agree to a waiver when you register on Smoothcomp. You can find a copy of the text here.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a contact sport and by entering the area of battle to compete you acknowledge the risk of injury and participate at your own risk and of your own free will, your opponent and The Organiser cannot be held responsible for any injury or accident sustained whilst competing. By registering a child or juvenile you assume this risk on their behalf. 


1)  The organiser is not responsible for any accident or injury sustained while competing. All athletes must complete a waiver prior to participation.

2) Registration may close earlier than the date advertised as entry will close once the event is at full capacity.


3) The organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to any athlete or spectator.

4)Prizes are given at the discretion of the organiser and only if the minimum number of athletes are registered in the division to fight. Any prize may be withdrawn or altered without notice. All prizes will be awarded soley to the winning competitor and are not transferable. No cash substitutes will be offered for non cash prizes. 


5) Registration fees are non refundable and non transferrable. Please do not contact us asking to transfer your registration to a team mate.

6) Only athletes and coaches with a pre-ordered wrist band will be permitted matside. Please contact us to arrange a wristband for your coach. Children may be accompanied by ONE adult only by the side of the mat.

7) The Organisers will not make any changes to registrations.  If you are alone in your bracket you have the option to move yourself into a higher weightdivision (or lower age division if master) if you so wish, or withdraw your name from the tournament before the deadline for changes ends. Once the deadline has passed, you will be offered a default medal and the chance to compete in the absolute division, and no refunds will be offered. It is the competitors responsibility to make changes to their own registration. Information on how these changes can be made can be found on the Smoothcomp Knowledge base.


For kids divisions, you may move one age up, one weight up or into a male division, if competitor is in a female only bracket. All divisions up to Junior 1 are mixed gender.  



+ London Warriors Cup uses Standard IBJJF Rules.

You can read and Download the IBJJF Rulebook here.

+ All standard colour Gi's allowed. In Gi Divisions no rash guards are

allowed for men, women must wear rash guards in all divisions.

+ In NO GI Divisions, we will now be following IBJJF Uniform guidelines, including ranked uniform in

NO GI divisions.  You can check the guideless here All competitors must wear rash guards. 

Warriors Cup Championships pride themselves on high level refereeing.

Our Referee Team is headed by a Head Referee, and consists of exclusively Black Belt Professional Referees with a minimum on 2 years Refereeing experience. We bring the very best referees from IBJJF and UAEJJF Federations to bring their knowledge and professionalism to our events. If you have any queries regarding refereeing, please email us with video footage.   

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